Prayer of Confession – 10th Jan 2021

Heavenly Father, when it comes to our spiritual growth – we have so much to repent of. Is it a priority for us? Do we make plans for it? Do we push ourselves urgently towards that goal?

Lord, we confess that we often do not. Many times, spiritual growth is too slow for us. It is too gradual. It is too quiet. Often we find ourselves so impatient – forgive us!

Forgive us for our obsession with short-cuts, with ‘how-to’s, with the quick-and-easy. You are the God of the impossible – yet You will never short-change us of true Christ-likeness!

You have called us to the everyday life of repentance, and dying to ourselves. By the power of Your Spirit, we commit ourselves afresh to pursue spiritual growth.

Do this, O God – for the glory of Your great name and for the good of this church You love. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.