Prayer of Confession – 10 Mar 2024

Holy God, there is no one like You. You alone are good. You alone are pure. You alone are strong. Nothing in this world comes close.

Why do we witness? That question reveals how man-centered we are. We don’t want our loved ones to go to hell. We desire that they share our worldview and values. 

Those are perhaps our deepest reasons for why we witness. But Your word cries out against us: “Is that all?!” O my soul, is that indeed all? Isn’t your God worthy?

If we possessed the most precious gemstone, wouldn’t we exalt it? If we found the most effective medicine, wouldn’t we share it? If we stumbled upon Glory, what could keep us silent? 

Holy God, You are jealous for Your glory. Forgive us, for Your name’s sake. And make us jealous for Your name – even as we evangelise. We ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen.