Weekly Announcements


New Upcoming Sermon Series: When Faith is not Fake – Living Authenically

The new sermon series, starting in May, is based on a study of the book of 1 Thessalonians. It is entitled ‘When Faith is not Fake – Living Authentically’. Through this 5-part sermon series, you will get to hear how authenticity can be wrongly valued in our society today, and how it can be rightly valued instead in relation to authentic faith in our walk with God. You will get to know what it means to truly live authentically.

If you have a friend or loved one who might be interested in this topic, invite them along!

Sundays, 6 May to 3 Jun, 10am @OneDorset | 11.15am @OneFarrer


60+ Minutes Prayer

The prayer meeting next will be anchored by Agape’s Worship Ministry.  Do come then to engage in an hour or more of prayer and worship on Wednesday, 16 May, 7pm at OneDorset.


LoveSingapore Morning Prayer

Let’s come together to ask of our God to turn our beautiful city God-wards. May there be revival, renewal and reformation in the churches in our city.
Come join others in prayer as Agape anchors the prayer meeting on 24 Apr, Tuesday, 6.30am at Kum Yan Methodist Church.


Church Camp 2018: Camp Encounters! Encounter With The Living God

The theme for our Church Camp from 14 June to 17 June @Best western Hotel in Batam is called  Camp Encounter! Encounters with the Living God.

No past is dark enough to withstand the transforming encounter with God. And we want you to discover that for yourself as we at look the encounters a few biblical men – men like Moses, Isaiah etc –  had with God, and how that changed their lives and mission !

In addition, we have a special speaker,  Ryuta Kimura (CTC church planter) share with us in 3 morning sessions on the Holy Spirit and Evangelism! Here are his topics:

  1. Peter’s personal calling story (how the Spirit needed to work in his life, his heart surgery through the gospel, also emotion vs spirit),
  2. the day of Pentecost & empowering through the spirit (what the true conversion & evangelism look like), and
  3. The practical & life-styles of Gospel-centered evangelism.

To aid you in managing your finances, there is also going to be a morning session done in a creative way.

You only need to take 1 day leave as Friday is a public holiday. Church service will be in Batam itself! So come and encounter with God!


Agape’s Cell Groups

Cell is where you get to go deeper into the word of God and grow in your faith. Be encouraged and grow in your Christian walk. Join a Cell. Let the fellowship with God’s people deepen your fellowship with the Lord.

Cells meet at different venues on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. To find out more please speak to Ps Sok Hwee or Karen.


English Class

An outreach ministry to Tamil-speaking locals and migrants happens at Church Office: 302 Jalan Besar, #04-01 on Sundays @2.15pm.  These keen learners need help with phonics and basic English.   Volunteer your service in reaching out to the lost.

Contact persons: Ps Sok Hwee / Mary Ann.

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