Prayer of Confession – 30th May 2021

Holy God, You are the Alpha and Omega! You are the wonderful Beginning of our journey – and You will also be its awesome end.

Lord, we confess that we struggle. We struggle to fix our eyes on the finish line. We struggle to live today, in light of eternity.

But surely Your grace is sufficient in our weakness! Forgive us! And give us fresh eyes of faith for our journey ahead!

Lord, in the midst of the sorrows today, help us hold fast to the promise of Tomorrow.

In the midst of our lack today, grant us a peek at Tomorrow’s inheritance.

In the fears we face today, lead us to see the glorious victory that awaits us Tomorrow.

And in all the uncertainties and confusion, bless us with this true knowledge: Very soon, we will see You face to face.

So help us to endure this journey; to run this race! We ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen!