Prayer of Confession – 23rd May 2021

Father, we treasure so many things about You – Your power and strength, Your holiness and glory, Your wisdom and favour!

Truly, You are a great God. But how often we forget Your grace and mercy! Forgive us.

Perhaps sin has become more of a tragic weakness, rather than a grievous wrong. Perhaps we still believe we can ‘make things right’.

Perhaps we have forgotten the true measure of Your holiness. Perhaps our hearts have become hard towards Your word.

Perhaps we have been so consumed with our kingdom, we have side-lined Your kingdom and righteousness.

Perhaps we have grown numb to Your hot hatred for sin. Perhaps eternity has been eclipsed by the present.

Perhaps all these are true. What shall we say then? That we will try harder and do better? No!

We cast ourselves on Your mercy! Our heart and flesh have failed – but You are the strength of our lives!

Forgive us! Change our hearts! Lead us on the narrow path, till we arrive at Your courts. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.