Prayer of Confession – 11 June 2023

Heavenly Father! Lord God Almighty! We ascribe to You the praise You deserve. You dwell in unapproachable light. You are altogether unlike us – and Your ways are unlike ours. You are holy!

Lord, we approach You with caution. Carefully, we voice this prayer of confession. We are mindful that we are lowly creatures, approaching the High and Magnificent One. 

Lord, we need Your mercy right now. Our days have been filled with grumbling against You. We bemoan Your ample provision. We begrudge Your patient unfolding of Your plans in our lives.

Our eyes have been lifted too high. Our minds have strayed into thoughts too lofty for us. Yet our lips have been too quick to speak against You.

Forgive us for every instance, that we have valued You any less than first in our lives. We have sinned. We have dishonoured You. 

Forgive us. Lead us back onto the path of honour. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.