Physical Sunday Services

From April 2021 onwards, Agape Baptist Church will be moving into a new and exciting phase – the physical re-gathering of the church for Sunday services. We thank God for giving us the resources and capability to make this possible.

Our physical Sunday services will happen every Sunday (beginning 11th April 2021) at 10:00 AM. Up to 150 people will be allowed to register and attend the service on-site. A live stream broadcast of the Sunday service will continue to be made available online. You may catch it here on our website (watch here), Facebook page, or YouTube

Registering for our Physical Sunday Services

Admittance to our physical services is strictly by registration only. For instructions on how to register, please refer below to the category that best describes you.

I'm an Agape member/regular!

If you are a member or regular visitor to Agape, you should receive the registration link via email*. 

Upon accessing the registration link, please read through all the instructions before proceeding to register. Upon registration, you will be issued a section and seat number. Please ensure that you take note of and remember both the section (e.g. Section 1) and seat number (e.g. E5). For any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact or email us.

*If you have not received or been receiving the registration email, please contact us ASAP!

I've been visiting for a few weeks!

You may have been visiting/watching our Sunday services either online or with other Agapians, and may now be interested to attend our physical services. We are glad to have you!

Look out for when our registration link goes public on Thursdays, on our social media and at the registration link below!^

If you are intending to come regularly for our physical services – or if you face any issues getting a seat – please contact or email us!

^Registration from Thursday onwards is subject to the availability of remaining seats.

I'm a new-comer!

Greeting! A warm welcome to you! If you are interested to register for the physical services, please look out for when our registration link goes public on Thursdays, on our social media and at the registration link below!^

If you require any assistance, please contact or email us ([email protected]). We look forward to hearing from you!

^Registration from Thursday onwards is subject to the availability of remaining seats.

(Registration will only open on Thursday from 10:00 AM.)

Agapeland (Children’s Ministry)
A children’s programme will run concurrently with the physical Sunday service (on alternate weeks). Participating in the children’s programme is also strictly by registration only. If you would like to find out more about the Agapeland programme and or would like to register, please contact or email us.


Regarding the Rationale

Why must we physically re-gather when our Sunday Service Experience (SSE) in homes is doing so well?
Scripture is clear: we must not give up meeting together (Hebrews 10:25). Physically gathering is what the Church is about. In the Greek, the word for ‘Church’ used widely in the New Testament is ekklesia meaning ‘assembly’. It is in our God-given nature, as the ekklesia, to gather. Therefore, even with the success of the SSE in homes, we must begin to re-gather! Seizing the opportunity to gather is a priority for Agape Baptist Church.

Why are we continuing with the SSE in homes since we are physically re-gathering?
In light of this pandemic season that we are in, we are mindful that the home is still the place where we are most freely able to worship and fellowship. Right now, it is wise that we keep our culture of gathering and worshipping in homes, strong. Thus, even as we begin physically re-gathering, we must continue the SSE in homes. This is a second priority for Agape Baptist Church.

What if I prefer to attend the physical services every week?
We do hope that this might become an eventual possibility! But we would encourage you to join the SSE in homes on alternate weeks.

What if I prefer to participate in the SSE in homes every week?
We understand the warmth and freedom that the SSE in homes provides! Nevertheless, we would encourage you to seize the opportunity to re-gather with the rest of the church on alternate weeks.

What if I am unable to come for the physical Sunday service that I was assigned to? Can I come for the following week instead (though it is not my designated grouping)?
If you are unable to come (especially if you are unwell) on the Sunday designated to your group, you are still encouraged to wait till the next designated Sunday to worship physically with your group. However, if you strongly desire to worship physically the next Sunday (as opposed to waiting till your designated Sunday two weeks later) – you may register during the public registration phase on Thursday if there are seats still available.

Regarding Registration

Why must I register for the Sunday services to attend them physically?
You may only attend the physical Sunday services by registration. This is to ensure that attendance is kept at 150 worshippers, and no one has to be turned away on Sundays. Please register beforehand before coming for the physical Sunday services.

How will I know when it is my turn to attend the physical service on Sunday?
If you have already updated Agape Baptist Church with your current email, you can expect to be notified via email. You will receive this notification email one week beforehand, every time it is your turn to attend the physical Sunday service.

Why did I not receive any email notifications about the physical Sunday service this Sunday?
It may not be your turn to attend the physical service this Sunday! But if it is, the notification email might have ended up in your ‘Junk’, ‘Spam’, or ‘Promotions’ folders – check there! If you still cannot locate the notification email, it is likely that the church does not have your updated email information. Please rectify this by sending an email with your updated email address to [email protected]!

Will registration be made open to the public?
Registration will happen in two phases. In the first phase, registration will only be open to those in our two Sunday groups. This will last until Thursday. The second phase begins 10am on Thursdays. In this phase, registration will be open to the public. This is subject to the availability of seats. For more information, please look under the ‘Registering for our Physical Sunday Services’ section above.

How do I get a ticket for the physical service?
Please refer to the section above titled ‘Registering for our Physical Sunday Services’ for more information.

Can I book seats for others?
Yes, you may! Please note that you can only book up to 7 tickets at any one time. Also, you are expected to provide a unique name for each seat that you have booked. Please be mindful to forward the ticket confirmation information to those you have booked seats for to help smoothen their registration experience on Sunday morning.

I am attending the service with my children – do I need to book a seat for them?
Yes, if your children are joining you for the worship service on Sunday, you will need to book seats for them as well. Every head counts towards the maximum 150-capacity. Infants, toddlers, children must all have a ticket each.

Why do I need to include multiple ‘unique’ names when booking multiple seats?
When booking tickets for others, you will need to include their names upon registration. This is to ensure that seats are not being arbitrarily reserved. This will also help our staff team to identify when accidental double-bookings occur. Including these names will help maximise the limited seats available!

Regarding the Sunday Service

What time should I come for the service?
Although our worship services only start at 10am on Sundays, we encourage you to come at 9.45am instead! Time is needed to queue up for SafeEntry, registration, and temperature-taking. Your presence 15 minutes before the start of the service will be a blessing to yourself and to others. Thank you!

Can I come through either gate?
No, you may only enter through the gate along Dorset Road. The gate along Hertford Road is for exiting only.

Isn’t the legal limit 250? Why are we only having sercies of 150?
The rule stipulating that a maximum of 250 people can gather for a worship service applies not just to worshippers in our church building – but to worshippers in our church compound. As we are sharing this compound with another church, we can only have a portion of the total 250-capacity. Furthermore, our worship hall can only accommodate a limited amount of people. For these reasons, our services are limited to 150 worshippers each Sunday.

Are we considering using overflow rooms?
As mentioned in the response to the question above, we are sharing a compound with another church. Thus, we are only allowed 150 worshippers each Sunday. This includes ALL worshippers – whether in the worship hall or in overflow rooms. However, we can already seat 150 worshippers in our level 2 worship hall. Therefore we are presently not considering using overflow rooms.

Why can’t we have 2 services each Sunday so that everyone can physically gather each week?
The reason for this is because of the two priorities mentioned in response to the first two questions at the top of this FAQ. These priorities are (1) we must seize the opportunity to gather, and (2) we must continue the SSE in homes. In light of these two priorities, Agape Baptist Church will continue to livestream to those in-homes, while also having a group of people on-site, each Sunday.

How do I know what my designated section and seat(s) are?
Once you have registered and booked your seats, you would have received an e-ticket via email. This email will contain your designated section and seat(s). You may choose to take a screenshot of that email for easy reference.

Can I give my tithes & other giving physically, rather than electronically?
We would encourage you to give electronically whenever possible! However, in the event that you are unable to, there are secure boxes available at the entrances of all 3 sections for you to make your giving physically. Please note that whatever is deposited in these boxes will automatically go towards the General Fund. If you would like to give to the Missions Fund, please indicate when depositing the amount.

Why isn’t the singing led live? Why are the songs still pre-recorded?
In light of Agape’s two priorities, we are mindful to cater not only to those who are physically gathered on-site – but also those worshipping in-homes via the livestream. Live music would definitely be a felt difference for those on-site – but it may not provide an excellent & engaging experience for those in-homes.

Will communion be served at the physical Sunday services?
No we will not be celebrating the Lord’s Supper at our physical Sunday services. Due to logistical and theological reasons, we will continue to enjoy the communion at our once-a-month Friday communion services.

Why must I leave the church premise once the services have ended?
Due to the strict regulations that Agape Baptist Church must abide by, intermingling within the church compound cannot be allowed. As such, we would appreciate it if you meet up with friends or wait for others outside of the church compound.

Regarding Parents of Young Children

Is there a baby changing station?
Yes, there are baby changing stations right before both the Men’s and Ladies’ toilets at level 2. These rooms come equipped with some basic necessities to assist parents of young children.

If my children become restless or start crying, where can I bring them to?
In light of the regulations against inter-mingling, as well as the staircase landing space being utilised for registration purposes, unfortunately the corridors along the hall are the only spaces available for you to bring your children to. However in the event of wet weather, you are encouraged to remain in the hall.

Regarding Agapeland

Can my child join the Agapeland programme on Sunday without notice?
All children must register beforehand, in order to join the Agapeland programme. This is to ensure that regulations are maintained during the children’s programme.

What time will I need to bring my child for the Agapeland programme?
You are required to come at 9.30am to go through the necessary checks before heading up to level 3 for the Agapeland programme. The activities will begin at 9.45am. You may take your seat in the worship hall once your child is settled in.

If my child is attending the Agapeland programme, does it impact my booking?
Yes! Upon registering your child for Agapeland, you will receive further instructions for your own booking.

Why isn’t Agapeland being done weekly?
At this point, having the Agapeland programme on alternate weeks seems the best way to maintain our two priorities (physical gathering & continuing the SSE in homes).

Regarding Driving

Can I park in the church compund?
No parking is allowed in the church compound. 

Are drop-offs allowed?
Yes, drop-offs are allowed! You may drop-off at the covered foyer area near the gate at Hertford Road. Nevertheless, please be mindful to enter through the gate along Dorset Road.

Due to COVID-19, our Sunday services are closed. Join us instead for our live-streamed service at 10 AM.