Soul Nourishment

Soul Nourishment is a monthly teaching session from 8-9pm on a Tuesday that seeks to address a topic directly pertinent to the Christian life. Starting this July in 2020, we will address 6 different topics in total all the way to December. Each session will be conducted by a different Agapian.   


How can I serve God at Work?

Session Instructor:

Andrew Low


7th July 2020 (Wednesday)

Registration Opens:

28th June 2020

Registration Closes:

6th July 2020


8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Session Description:
This class will be conducted via video-conferencing by Andrew Low – one of our board members and deacons, who has a lot of insights on the area of work. He will share from the biblical perspective as well as from his own rich working experiences.

Due to COVID-19, our Sunday services are closed. Join us instead for our live-streamed service at 9 AM.

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