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The Love that Blesses

January 19, 2020
Sermon Slides The Love that Blesses_Slides Sermon Notes The Love That Blesses_Notes

Radically Shaped by Love

January 12, 2020
  Sermon Slides Radically Shaped by Love_Slides Sermon Notes Radically Shaped by Love_Notes

The Great Call To Love

January 5, 2020
Sermon Slides The Great Call To Love_Slides Sermon Notes The Great Call to Love_Notes
Sermon Slides Fresh Year, Fresh Worship_Slides Sermon Notes Fresh Year, Fresh Worship_Notes
Sermon Slides Receive the Lord's Favour!_Slides Sermon Notes Receive the Lord's Favour!_Notes
Sermon Slides Hear the Word of Comfort_Slides Sermon Notes Hear the Word of Comfort_Notes
Sermon Slides Specially Chosen_Slides Sermon Notes Specially Chosen_Notes
Sermon Slides Specially Blessed_Slides Sermon Notes Specially Blessed_Notes
Sermon Slides Being Effective and Fruitful_Slides Sermon Notes Being Effective and Fruitful_Notes
Sermon Slides The Parable of the Talents_Slides Sermon Notes The Parable of the Talents_Notes
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