Children ages 3 to 12 are welcome at Agapeland. Lessons are high-energy, age-appropriate and gospel-centric. Through worship, bible lessons and other learning activities, the young minds of the little ones engage with God’s truth so that they will grow up loving and serving Him. Being recipients of God’s grace, Agapeland’s children are also involved in service projects where they will serve the poor and needy in the community. Partner with parents is actively sought, working in partnership to nurture the children to grow in their walk with God.


10am to 1130am | Agape@Dorset Level 3: Shallom Room (3-6 years old) and LOR Room (7-12 years old)

1115am to 1245pm | Agape@Lavender Level 2: Rooms 7 & 8 (3-6 years old) and Rooms 4/5/6 (7-12 years old)

For more information, please contact Jessica at 62995560 or

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