1 small group
  • SMALL GROUPS – Cell groups form the community life where authentic relationships are formed, discipleship is deepened and genuine serving others (pre-believers & the poor) become a lifestyle for members.
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2 children
  • CHILDREN – Agapeland is a vibrant children’s ministry of Agape Baptist Church, providing children from 3 to 12 years of age with a nurturing and engaging environment to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
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3 youth
  • YOUTH – Radical Agape Youths RAYs -the youth  ministry of Agape Baptist Church, is a vibrant youth community that seeks to reach out and disciple young people in secondary schools, tertiary institutions and the army into becoming fully devoted followers of Christ. We want each youth to experience the refreshing and reality of the Gospel every other moment of their lives.
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4 young adults
  • YOUNG ADULTS – ‘Emerge’ is Agape’s Young Adults Ministry, which aims to help young adults find a deep constant anchor in the gospel as they navigate through multiple transitions and make various major decisions during this season of their lives.
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5 men
  • MEN – Agape Guys’ Ministry is where you will find “Men building Men”.
  • We aim to build men who are strong, secured and stable on a foundation of sexual purity.
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  • AGELESS WONDERS – It may surprise you that every one of three Agapians is 50 and above!
  • Ageless Wonders is a support ministry for everyone 50 and above, married and single.
  • The ministry aims at the following four goals:  . . .
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8 justice and mercy 01
  • JUSTICE & MERCY – The Pek Kio Elderly Ministry  was started in October 2012 to touch the elderly poor, and those who are lonely and ill. On top of visiting with these elderly folks to minister to them more personally, we also organize activities where they can relate with other elderlies in the neighbourhood. In the process, we hope to show them God’s love tangibly and to share the gospel with them.
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9 mission 01
  • MISSION – Timor Leste is Agape’s main mission focus. Nine years ago we asked herself a very pointed question. What could the church do for a war-torn infant nation that was struggling to find healing and restoration?
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10 worship 01
  • WORSHIP – Our aim is to facilitate an exuberant praise and reflective worship environment that magnifies Jesus and His work on the cross.
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  • CHRISTIAN EDUCATION – We believe spiritual formation requires the deepening of one’s theological understanding, and the appreciation of how God’s truths actually apply to our lives.
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